5 Tips on Selling Your Home


Tip #1: Price it right from day one
Typically, if a home is priced appropriately you will see the most activity within the first few weeks of being listed. How can you find out the fair market price? Ask your agent and compare recently sold homes in your neighborhood. What was their sell price? What is the sq footage of the home? Was it updated? There are several resources that can help you determine your list price. If it’s over priced it will sit for months and not get the showings it deserves. Buyers think there is something wrong with a home that has sat on the market for a while. We all think our home is worth millions especially if we’ve lived there a while, but honestly you really do have to go by what’s recently sold. 

Tip #2: Curb appeal matters
Take it from someone who’s made this mistake in the past, picking out the weeds and mowing the lawn matters. You want your potential buyers to drive up and have the feeling of AHHHH I’M HOME not UGH the landscaping needs work. It’s a simple task that will really help with your homes first impression.

Tip #3: Maintain your home
Fix the smaller broken items and clean the carpets if needed. This can really help keep your potential buyers focused on all the good qualities of your home. Sometimes people get distracted by a broken closet door or a loose door handle. It’s associated with how well you’ve cared for your home. Make sure to fix the broken items to increase the experience of your potential buyers. Don’t forget to touch up the paint if needed in some areas or finish a project that wasn’t completed. We’ve all had those amazing DIY Pinterest ideas that seem fun, but half way through we realize it’s super hard and time consuming!! Make those projects presentable or finish them up. Also, try to create a consistent color scheme in your home. If you have a unicorn pink wall in your living room you might want to do a quick repaint with something more neutral. Let your buyers focus on the space and not your unique paint colors.

Tip #4: Clean homes sell faster
Keep your home clean while it’s on the market! It’s easy for buyers to get distracted by your mess and miss out on all the amazing space in your home. A cluttered room looks way smaller than a clean one. Think simple and clean when staging your home. Need help? Ask your agent for recommendations on a home staging company or even just for some tips on getting your home ready for showings. This could impact the sale price of your home tremendously. Keep your home clean and ready to be shown at any time. Pets? You’ll need to do some extra deep cleaning to make sure the smell of your adorable puppy isn’t the first thing your potential buyer notices. Sometimes you won’t get a ton of notice before a showing and you don’t want to miss out because you need to clean your counters off or empty a litter box. A neat and organized space is always appealing to buyers. Allow your buyers to picture their belongings in your home by making spaces look large and keeping decor as neutral as possible.

Tip #5: Toys, toys and more toys
With three kids at home, I definitely have this problem. We have more toys that I can even count and we regularly check for ones we can donate to a local charity. Parents I know this one is SUPER tough, but try to organize the toys as best you can. Use storage bins and shelving to create space for the less used toys. This will also show how awesome your storage areas are in your home. DOUBLE WIN!

It’s showtime
Leave your home ready to show at all times! Homes that smell nice sell nice. Choose a fragrance plug in that makes your home inviting like clean cotton or fresh baked cookies. Make sure to open your blinds and drapes and let the natural light shine in. Buyers love natural lighting! Light, bright and airy homes SELL!!

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